Carefully selected formulation
of natural ingredients

Who we are

Phepisa Naturals is committed to developing luxurious and highly sophisticated nutrient dense formulations from our understanding and knowledge of traditional medicine. There is no product that we would consider producing that would not make a genuine, effective and long lasting contribution to the health and beauty of your skin, hair and body.

Phepisa Naturals endeavors to use a carefully selected formulation of natural ingredients in every formulation so that each application of our products are like ‘mini balanced meals’ for skin, hair and the body to complement the food we eat on a daily basis. Over the years, we have noticed that the food we eat continues to deplete, so we are providing a solution to complete that aspect of our health and wellbeing. The name Phephisa stands for providing health and safety it’s not just a name but a responsibility we have given ourselves to accomplish in our formulation endeavours.

What We Do

We have now changed our packaging to use a UV protected packaging for all our herbal products as a way to maintain the nutritional plant-based formulations that we create.

Our company believes indigenous knowledge systems should take its rightful place alongside western medicine in promoting health and well-being in South Africa. We want traditional medicine to be presented to consumers as traditional medicine and not any other science. It is for this reason that we are advocating for a department and institution that will be solely responsible for the promotion, preservation, registration and the monitoring of our medicines. We are opposed to policies that impede the development of traditional healing and medicine.

About The Founder

In her many years of being a Healer, her contributions to the Traditional Healers Organizations and knowledge of Traditional Medicine coupled with her roles as Ministerial Adviser to the Minister of Science and Technology; ‘on the recognition and promotion of Indigenous Knowledge System(IKS) .’ and the Minister of Social Development on drugs and substance abuse from 2008-2013. She has dedicated her life and time to being an ambassador and pioneer for Traditional Medicine and All Things IKS. there is old saying

‘ A Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness’

Hence she has made it her  purpose and responsibility to work rigidly to create products that are centered along health, wellness and help  average South Africans with their body, hair & skin conditions.

“Traditional Medicine and usage of natural ingredients has long been side lined and Phepisa Naturals is established to take consumers back to their roots of using African medicine as a solution to their health and wellness problems.”