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Phepisa Natural Resources Institute was founded by a woman after realising that the water we use in different communities were causing unbearable skin problems that affected both children and adults. Upon realising this opportunity, at Phepisa, we started innovating skin solutions that respond to unhealthy skin that directly affect your confidence.

We looked at nature for solutions by identifying plants which we processed to produce oils and formulated creams, lotions, face and body washes. Oils from the identified plants were tested for anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial and for soothing and moisturizing capacities which would directly boast women’s confidence.

Since 2016, we have been formulating good quality, safe and effective products that returns young children’s and adults confidence. Women who bought our products approached us to re-sell them and that is how our sales network keeps growing and empowering women. This business model is reviewed every second year to check for its relevant and capacity to empower the women with to be financially independent. The business model we employ helps women take control of their lives and strengthen their business case.

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As a Phepisa Business owner, you will automatically qualify for registration in our database and attend business seminars and conference, receive product brochures and promotional materials to enable you to run your business independently with a greater understanding on our products.

  • We charge a minimal start-up cost of R170.00 only;
  • No securities needed;
  • Be your own boss
  • Get constant support from the Phepisa Support office