Here at Phepisa, we would like to wish all of our beautiful women a well deserving International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March every year. Its focal point in the movement of Women’s rights. This is symbolic to South Africa’s Women march in 1956.

It’s quite evident that women have raised their voices for others in the fight against sexism, racism, and marginalization across the globe. The histories of women is yet a sad one but show the strength of women collectively whether it be here at home or abroad.

For almost 100 years women fought for the right to vote: They made speeches, signed petitions, marched in parades and argued over and over again that like men they deserve all of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, Today because of their bravery we are free, liberated and opinionated.

Women like South Africans very own Golden Girl, Caster Semenya has changed the face of history in middle distance running by winning gold medals for women’s 800 meters and numerous breaking records.

And for course not forgetting the first black female to win an Academy Award for Best Support Actress for her roles in 12 Years a Slave. Her artistic and phenomenon performance was simply radiant and she depicted incredible ability to convey a story.

Did you know: Serena Williams has won second-most single titles (23) in women’s Grand Slam tournaments of all time?

Banyana Banyana , South Africa’s women football who has done a lot within the 2019 FIFA World Cup in France. Mariam Makeba who fought against apartheid policy and SA government.

I’m truly proud of women leadership and the impact they had in our histories, in businesses, education, construction, and civil movement and of course Phepisa Natural was established by women Phephsile Maseko and the winner of Bring Change Lowveld big up to her and many others.
Let’s support the International Women’s Day 2019 Campaign Theme#BalanceforBetter-IWD2019#

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Prayers for South Africa’s Sanusi Ntate Vusimuzi Credo Mutwa.

Known too many as the only surviving Shaman in Southern Africa, his greatness Ntate Credo Mutwa born in Zululand on the 21st of July 1921, Ntate credo Mutwa is Sangoma (Traditional Healer ), Soothsayer ,Sanusi , Seer and Authors his books include: ‘Indaba My Children, Song of the Stars: The Lore of a Zulu Shaman .’ and many more exciting books . His predictions, prophecies, and knowledge is undoubtedly the most accurate in histories of the World, We can all recall him predicting the resignation of former President Thabo Mbeki and the tragedy of 9/11 in the USA. A celebrated psychic, a philosopher has contributed a lot in the preservation and advocacy of traditional medicine, origins of humankind and a force to be record with. Professor Pitika Ntuli once described him as ‘A very rare specimen as African in a true sense of what an African was really meant to be , He is a person who draws his substance from the umbilical cord that links him to the land.’

We appreciate and recognize his wealth of knowledge and his unique talent of scalping and storytelling.

We are saddened to hear of his ill health and we too here take it to be our responsibility not only that but our calling to also sent prayers to God and the Gods for his recovery. The Mutwa family has requested fellow South Africans to pray for the 98-year-old who was once a vibrant storyteller, artist, and prophet. His daughter Nosipho Mutwa noted that ‘Ubaba can be able to talk but there is that bit of aggression because of his age but he is not energetic like before. We always pray for elders so let’s pray for Baba to just age gracefully.’

‘Praying that you get well soon and experience the joys of being healthy again.’ Phephsile Maseko

‘We hope each day brings renew strength and that much closer to recovery, May You health graciously .’ The Team

As noted Baba Credo Mutwa is the Sanusi, the highest level of Shaman one can get, and we too need to recognize that and his contribution to the world of literary arts and culture is emince and needs to be treasured. We plea to our dearest customers to also engage and pray for Baba and may in time he too get well. ‘ Eye am my ancestor’s keeper.’ Makhosi.

Power Breakfast talking Health & Wellness Healing through Indigenous Knowledge System.

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