Here at Phepisa, we would like to wish all of our beautiful women a well deserving International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March every year. Its focal point in the movement of Women’s rights. This is symbolic to South Africa’s Women march in 1956.

It’s quite evident that women have raised their voices for others in the fight against sexism, racism, and marginalization across the globe. The histories of women is yet a sad one but show the strength of women collectively whether it be here at home or abroad.

For almost 100 years women fought for the right to vote: They made speeches, signed petitions, marched in parades and argued over and over again that like men they deserve all of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, Today because of their bravery we are free, liberated and opinionated.

Women like South Africans very own Golden Girl, Caster Semenya has changed the face of history in middle distance running by winning gold medals for women’s 800 meters and numerous breaking records.

And for course not forgetting the first black female to win an Academy Award for Best Support Actress for her roles in 12 Years a Slave. Her artistic and phenomenon performance was simply radiant and she depicted incredible ability to convey a story.

Did you know: Serena Williams has won second-most single titles (23) in women’s Grand Slam tournaments of all time?

Banyana Banyana , South Africa’s women football who has done a lot within the 2019 FIFA World Cup in France. Mariam Makeba who fought against apartheid policy and SA government.

I’m truly proud of women leadership and the impact they had in our histories, in businesses, education, construction, and civil movement and of course Phepisa Natural was established by women Phephsile Maseko and the winner of Bring Change Lowveld big up to her and many others.
Let’s support the International Women’s Day 2019 Campaign Theme#BalanceforBetter-IWD2019#

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Power Breakfast talking Health & Wellness Healing through Indigenous Knowledge System.

[layerslider id=”2″] PABI : We can paint a picture all day all night everyone is listening to Powerfm 98.7 has an understanding of how diminished and how colonialism has created a certain view of what indigenous knowledge system is.What I enjoy about what you are doing. As entrepreneur you are thinking ahead Phepisa Natural Institute […]

Make this your year of even nourished skin that glows all the time : Our tips for clear skin

Hello, luvs!

As much as I love makeup and looking good most times trust me, I really like all those concealers, matt lipstick, and mascara, these can all leave the skin exhausted dry and yes stressed, not forgetting the sun can have harsh effects on your face too. That’s why I say you must invest when it comes to your beauty routine. I’m not suggesting you drop all of your overdraft on your face serum, but you do really need to invest time, patience and yes perhaps little cash, Phepisa Natural products has the right products to help you with your skincare needs. The face is the most important part of your body, and the first body part everyone gets to see first right! So it’s rather imperative that we take care of our faces and look after it. So that’s why I recommend the Phepisa Natural Products with its range of products you could not really live without, from face creams, serums, oils, soaps, lip bums, etc. We’ve got it all for you all the times.

Here at Phepisa, we want to ensure that your skin is radiant, moisturized and keeps on looking young and healthy, good skin means lasting confidence. Here are our tips of keeping your skin nourished and glowing all the time this summer:

Your body loses a lot of moisture during summers. So, it is essential to hydrate your body every now and then. Experts will tell you that it is a must to drink 10-12 glasses of water and increase your fruit intake to keep yourself hydrated all day long. Doing so will show the effect on your skin too. Other than that make sure to follow the ritual of cleansing, toning and moisturizing at night before sleeping. You could use milk and honey, which are great natural moisturizers for the skin and Gwenge cream to keep your skin fresh and highly moist!


Wash your face as if it were made of silk fabric; using a gentle, circular motion, sweep cleanser upward from your neck and décolleté rather than vigorously rubbing and pulling. Applying too much pressure can yield a temporary rosy glow but can damage capillaries and stretch out skin in the long run.

‘The skin guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. ethnic skin poses the greatest challenge when it comes to skin treatment, yes black don’t crack but it does sag, I advise you to use these tips and check or products to help you with  most common skin care issues, which include variations in the following categories: Pigmentation, pore size, skin thickness, oil production, and hydration level. ‘

Apply Tissue Oil

Rubbing a few drops onto scars or blemishes a couple of times a day can reduce the appearance of spots you’d rather not have hanging around on your bod. Try our Nganu Tissue Oil, available and affordable for clear, health and blemish free skin. Remember our products are made out of South African and African traditional medicine that has existed over time and ages. The best for your skin! And our last tip, of course, continue to follow us on twitter @PhepisaN and like us on Facebook  enquires  contact s on info@phepisa.co.za


         FORCE SPRAY

We will like to welcome our dear customers to a brand new year, we thank God for your life and existence .Remember not all people crossed over many witnessed sadness’s and tribulations. But here we are as long as you are reading this you are truly blessed to be given another opportunity to be here. Happy New Year and here at Phepisa we wish that 2019 may bring you healing, miracles and multiply your finances so that you continue to support our wellness products made of indigenous herbs and traditional medicine.

Our belief system is unique and diverse, we cannot ignore the existence of our religious system it is vacuum and often mystified by ignorance, misunderstanding and stereotypes. Here at Phepisa we aim to abort the stigmas and engage people to be free and accept African traditional medicines. As we assimilate with different cultures we must not be shameful of our practices. Let’s embrace it’s who we are!!

Do you often feel weak, frustrated overwhelmed with sadness, you don’t amount to anything? Do you feel defeated hopeless and useless? This can attributed to negative energy?




That’s why we are introducing the FORCE SPRAY (Negative Energy Cleanser) with the power to cast and cleanse your home from all negative spirits. This unique product is made of Imphepho which is Africa’s Sacred Herb (Helicrysum Species) and its one of the first Muthi or herbal medicine that was shown to healers it has many uses which is:

1. The smoke of the herb is used as scared incense or smudge used to call ancestors in and invoke trance states, cleanse energy and as an offering when praying. The smoke is sedative. The force Spray doesn’t have smoke but works like magic .

  • 2. Used to invite and welcomed ancestors Force Spray can be used as a substitute for Imphepho , its ingredients were manufactured uniquely with the herb mixed and converted into oil .
  • 3. It’s actually good especially for those who don’t want smoke or have allergies you can use it to cleanse your home, and to spray away evil spirits.

We are no strangers to witchcraft, spells, curses, jealousy, envy as all this form part of nature and we cannot ignore, now to live in a peaceful, free and in a safe environment we want you to try our Force Spray this month to usher in a brand new year in style and in harmony. You can use it anywhere any time , at your work , school , varsity home , car, hospital , shopping Centre , hotels , anywhere any time and any place .We guarantee you peacefulness, spiritual welfare deliverance and breakthrough in many areas of your life . ‘Your energy is contagious either you affect people or infect them.’ Force Spray is a thoughtful product to enlighten  you and bring a winning spirit of higher goals and vibrations .

Try our Force Spray Negative Energy Cleanser to get rid of those negative energy , and let us know how its working for you and your family . Facebook, Phepisa Naturals, Twitter : @PhepisaN,



The reproduction system is one of the most important parts of our bodies, often bringing the joys of our lives. It is the collection of external and internal organs in both female and male system that works together for the purpose of procreation.

In most cases, we forget to enquire and ask common questions about our reproduction system by so doing we are not aware of certain diseases that already exists and that needs our daily attention. This summer we offer Ngci Herbal tonic as a Master Healing tonic with healing herbs that offer health benefits bringing the mind, body, and spirit into greater balance & harmony.

There are common diseases associated with the reproduction systems such as Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Vaginal yeast infection, Menstrual cramps/Dysmenorrheal which are common diseases of the reproduction system which occurs with a woman’s menstrual period.

Endometrioses: is a painful, chronic condition that affects young girls and woman all over the world. It occurs when tissue like that which lines the uterus (tissue called the endometrium) is found outside the uterus –usually in the abdomen ovaries, fallopian tubes and ligaments that support the uterus : the area between the vagina and the rectum ; the outer surface of the uterus ; and the lining of the pelvic cavity. Endometriosis causes server pain before and during periods, fatigue, inflammation, infertility, allergies, and frequent yeast infections. 

A lot happens within our reproduction that we are not aware of, we feel your body is our priority this summer Ngci Herbal Tonic :

With its proprietary traditional medicine blend that aid blood cleansing, abdominal pain relief, remove excess water in the body and promote fertility in women, This is what the Ngci Herbal tonic does for your reproduction systems:

  • Promotes healthy & regular ovulation
  • Corrects hormone imbalance
  • Prevents abdominal pain relieve
  • Reduces and removes excess water in your body
  • Regulates menstrual cycle

We all have them and they come every single month, some girls define them as a punishment from God ? or a curse, believe me, I know the pain and discomfort almost feels like an unwelcomed guest, This summer we want to make it simple, easy and free of any pain, Ngci Herbal acts as a your nearest doctor in a spoon , With a dosage of it accompanied by its potent selection of herbs which restore , tone and invigorate multiple organs your menstrual cramps pain will disappear that thanks to the mixture of herbs.

Hundreds and thousands of woman and men experience infertility and difficulty in falling pregnant and often depend on IVF(in vitro Fertilization) to assist in pregnancies, for some it takes first try to get that bundle of joy, others it takes patience and time in trying to conceive.
All these processes are overwhelming and pricey.We at Phepisa Natural Institute encourage and offer NGCI HERBAL TONIC strictly traditional medicine that has plants, herbs, vitamins and that act as female fertility supplements that can boost the health of a woman and increase the strength of her reproduction system. Ngci Herbal is, manufactured using natural products that have existed within the African traditional medicine plant , We are confident that provided with regular checkup at your doctor’s office coupled with a healthy diet and Ngci tonic taken as prescribed this will increase natural fertility, with two spoons twice daily this African medicine will regulate menstruation and ovulation will assist in clearing blood stagnation and assist in weak uterus .

Try it! Recommend it ! and let us know how it is  remembered , Like us on Facebook: Phepisa Natural Institute, follow us on Twitter @PhepisaN sent us an email, call us we like hearing from you.


    The skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about 20 square feet. The skin protects from microbes and the elements, helps regulate temperature and permits the sensation of touch heat and cold. So now how does one protect, and ensure that this body organ is well taken […]

Greetings of the season!

Festive Greeting !!

The festive season is almost upon us again, and it is time to be merry in the company of loved ones and friends. An entire year has come and gone, and the birth of a new year is quickly ascending. On behalf of every one at Phepisa I would like to offer my very best wishes for the festive season to all our customers, staff, and the people who use our products.

I will like to take this opportunity to thank our valued clients for their continued support and trust that this year has been fulfilling’s and eventful, and can only hope the year ahead will bring joy, health, and prosperities to you. I’m immensely grateful for the successes achieved by our agents during this past year without their passion, dedication, commitment and hard work we wouldn’t be here.

The changing season is herald of new beginning of a life more beautiful, But! As we celebrate with loved ones indulging in trips, parties and vacations, Let’s remember to never compromise our immune system, rest well and continue to use our products, to keep your skin hydrated, youthful and radiant remember to package your Gwenge body cream and Tee Tree Gwenge in your hand bag keep it close to you and you’ll never regret, it cleanses and refreshes your skin leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft and protecting you from the harsh African sun.
Eating fatty foods and drinking sodas can cause your stomach constipation and have a disruptive sleep so how about you keep Phepisa Blood & Skin detox which removes contamination from bad poor diet and alcohol from your body , & The Ngci Herbal Tonic for male and female to cleanse your reproductive system .As we enjoy this season, let’s take care of our skin, bodies and hair .In 2019 we plan to expand our scope of services and our product offerings. As we cross over to New Year let’s do it happily and healthily.
May this merry season bring glory to your life, peace to your mind and joy to your heart.

Phephsile Maseko