FORCE SPRAY

We will like to welcome our dear customers to a brand new year, we thank God for your life and existence .Remember not all people crossed over many witnessed sadness’s and tribulations. But here we are as long as you are reading this you are truly blessed to be given another opportunity to be here. Happy New Year and here at Phepisa we wish that 2019 may bring you healing, miracles and multiply your finances so that you continue to support our wellness products made of indigenous herbs and traditional medicine.

Our belief system is unique and diverse, we cannot ignore the existence of our religious system it is vacuum and often mystified by ignorance, misunderstanding and stereotypes. Here at Phepisa we aim to abort the stigmas and engage people to be free and accept African traditional medicines. As we assimilate with different cultures we must not be shameful of our practices. Let’s embrace it’s who we are!!

Do you often feel weak, frustrated overwhelmed with sadness, you don’t amount to anything? Do you feel defeated hopeless and useless? This can attributed to negative energy?




That’s why we are introducing the FORCE SPRAY (Negative Energy Cleanser) with the power to cast and cleanse your home from all negative spirits. This unique product is made of Imphepho which is Africa’s Sacred Herb (Helicrysum Species) and its one of the first Muthi or herbal medicine that was shown to healers it has many uses which is:

1. The smoke of the herb is used as scared incense or smudge used to call ancestors in and invoke trance states, cleanse energy and as an offering when praying. The smoke is sedative. The force Spray doesn’t have smoke but works like magic .

  • 2. Used to invite and welcomed ancestors Force Spray can be used as a substitute for Imphepho , its ingredients were manufactured uniquely with the herb mixed and converted into oil .
  • 3. It’s actually good especially for those who don’t want smoke or have allergies you can use it to cleanse your home, and to spray away evil spirits.

We are no strangers to witchcraft, spells, curses, jealousy, envy as all this form part of nature and we cannot ignore, now to live in a peaceful, free and in a safe environment we want you to try our Force Spray this month to usher in a brand new year in style and in harmony. You can use it anywhere any time , at your work , school , varsity home , car, hospital , shopping Centre , hotels , anywhere any time and any place .We guarantee you peacefulness, spiritual welfare deliverance and breakthrough in many areas of your life . ‘Your energy is contagious either you affect people or infect them.’ Force Spray is a thoughtful product to enlighten  you and bring a winning spirit of higher goals and vibrations .

Try our Force Spray Negative Energy Cleanser to get rid of those negative energy , and let us know how its working for you and your family . Facebook, Phepisa Naturals, Twitter : @PhepisaN,

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