Phepisa Healing Jelly recommended to naturally moisturize and protect your skin from harmful environmental factorsThe skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about 20 square feet. The skin protects from microbes and the elements, helps regulate temperature and permits the sensation of touch heat and cold. So now how does one protect, and ensure that this body organ is well taken care of? remember our skin is exposed to so many many things, like the weather, environment, mosquitoes, harsh African sun, allergies, rashes, wounds, burns, and the list goes on.Now fortunately enough with the development of new medicine and morely so indigenous and traditional ways of healing, The Healing Jelly as regarded and recommended by Phephsile Maseko is a household first aid kit dermatologically tested and with the ability to protect your skin, heal instantly without the worry of long queues at the hospital and expensive products that are not effective. The Healing Jelly is prescribed for this summer for well-protected skin.Phepisa meaning: To heal in Swati, has created healing jelly to accommodate your skincare and body needs suitable for babies and adults.Choose the Healing Jelly this summer: By using the Healing Jelly which is a mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils it will help repair and relieve your skin for all skin types. Here what the HEALING Jelly does:• The Healing Jelly has good quality for skin protection UV protected packaging with herbal products and nutritional plant-based formulation.• Formulated with proudly South African plant extract that has historic use, With Vitamin E helps skin from harmful environment• A mixture of these indigenous plants assists with repairs and relieve on your skin and your baby’s skin.• Ringworms which are a fungal infection that develops on the layer of your skin Healing Jelly acts as an antibiotic to treat it with this topical remedy the Healing Jelly applied regularly will act as an antifungal.• Burns are leading causes of severe scarring and injury in South Africa and the world, Healing Jelly also assist with burns on any part of the body, by also rubbing daily and ensuring you are moisturized it will increase healing.• Wounds can be caused by something sudden, such as a cut, burn, a fall, insect’s bites, previous accidents etc. For faster moist healing, the healing Jelly which has no harsh chemicals, ointment heals wounds at twice the rate of untreated wounds as well as helps scarring. The jelly acts as a topical steroid that has a quality ingredient, which addresses dryness, bacteria and provides a protective barrier for the skin apply daily and you will witness the results.• Elderly: Loss of mobility which is common amongst older adults has profound social, psychological and physical consequences making it difficult for elderly people to walk and do easy chores, Phepisa Healing Jelly can help your grandma, grandfather, next door neighbor or someone close to your heart to reduce joint pain, body irritation and inflammations just rub after bath.• Eczema : it’s unclear what causes eczema but we all know people with it have over-reactive immune system and inflammation which causes red, itchy and painful sores, implement a regular bathing and moisturizing routine, it will surely ease the pain.Summer is a season that has high risk and we don’t really take precautions in taking care of our skin, So we recommend you try and use the Healing Jelly for all your skin problems. For reviews, comments, and likes please remember to like us on Facebook: Phepisa Naturals  follow us on Twitter: @PhepisaN or drop us an email on