A journey; How Phepisa came to being

The idea for Phepisa Naturals was borne out of observing how acne can cause pain to children and render their mothers helpless in public places. In 2008 I met a woman by the name of Sarah with her baby Zandile in Ermelo at Pick’nPay store.

I could sense the agony and pain in the child’s voice and I witnessed how the mother was so helpless and teary while carrying her child in the store, the baby could  not stop crying , I asked, “What was wrong with your child?”, the mother responded, ‘Zandile has been crying for the past three days without proper sleep, I sent her to the local Wesselton Clinic but the condition refuses to heal and I do not know what to do now,’ Sarah said, she also explained that the child developed horrible rash on the left arm and it bleeds and is often itchy. I then offered to help them using my knowledge of traditional medicine, I mentioned to her that I would not charge but have interest in seeing the baby relieved.

She then gave me her contact details and address to courier her the products. A week later I sent her a Gwenge extracted jelly (Healing Jelly) with the Skin and Blood cleansing Tonic for the baby to take three times daily after meals. Two weeks later Sarah called, and her voice was full of excitement and I knew deep inside that the baby was relieved. She informed me the baby was well and without acne but, wants me to help her neighbour whose child had a similar condition. This is how our products was known and sold.

When realising that the products were becoming popular amongst the community and more orders were made in different areas around Ermelo, I then knew it was time for me to seek help from a research institution to validate my claims. I approached the CSIR to do a study on:  ‘The effectiveness of the plant extract on topical application.’ They then looked at its safety on dermatological use and they tasted positive for use on body and hair care for all black skin types.

After getting the test results from the CSIR, I started producing more products for commercialisation. This experience has sparked my journey to begin investigating more plants for health and wellness use in an endeavour to protect and promote our indigenous knowledge system. I have found that many of the natural ingredients used on skin, hair and wellness have nutritional value and limited side effects if used with great professional understanding.

I have established women and youth-led co-operatives in the area of Mangweni and KaHhoyi, in Mpumalanga. These cooperatives supply raw materials to Phepisa and are involved in the sales and distribution networks of the business.

I have since become inspired to grow my natural products, develop my business and partner with local cooperatives of women and youth in the KaHhoyi village who cultivate and supply us with quality grown raw materials which we sell to products manufacturers and use to produce our Phepisa products brands.

This site is not only to provide first-class herbal wellness products and personal care formulation for your health but also to educate and create awareness on the best ways to maintain your body inside out.